Boutique Fashion Brokers Launch Party

by Barbara Russ · February 7, 2012

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    Last night, Boutique Fashion Brokers (BFB) launched their online fashion trade show, focusing on new talent at the Milk Studios. Young designers from all over the world who might not yet have the financial backing to attend far-away fashion fairs, can meet buyers and vice versa using the platform.

    The founder of the platform, Kassondra Dyebo, is a former model and buyer based in Montreal who realized that in a tight economy, if you can't come to fashion, let fashion come to you might be the modern solution.

    Guests of the event included Russell SimmonsScott LippsLockhart SteeleRex Sorgatz, Rina Raphael, Bianca and Mallory from Small Girls PR, Caroline Waxler, Rachel Webber and Kath Barna of Tumblr, and Julia Rubin of Styleite.

    [Kassandra Dyebo, Russell Simmons]

    [2nd from left: Scott Lipps]

    [M: Lockhart Steele]

    [R: Rex Sorgatz, Nate Freeman]