Brian Stelter Hosts His "Top of the Morning" Book Launch At The Park

by Janhavi Purohit · April 26, 2013

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    Last night, New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter launched his new book, "Top of the Morning," at The Park in Chelsea. Party-goers dined on wine and hors d'oeuvre, with the guest list including media elite such as Charlie Rose, Pat Kiernan, and Piers Morgan. During his speech, Stelter joked, "Matt Lauer and Ann Curry send their regrets." He went on to thank his anonymous sources for the education they provided him in morning television. He also thanked editor Ben Greenberg, the editor at Grand Central Publishing who had the idea for the book, his editors at The New York Times, and last but not least, his girlfriend Jamie Shupak, who organized the event. There was a collective "Awww" in the room when Stelter gushed about Jamie, saying, "she's my love, who makes every morning worth waking up for."

    [Charlie Rose, Jeff Fager, Bill Carter]

    Guests included Charlie Rose, Pat Kiernan, Piers Morgan, Jamie Shupak, Jeff Fager, Bill Carter, Elizabeth Homes, Erin Geiger Smith, Rachel Dodes, Kim Rittberg, Brooke Hammerling, and Lockhart Steele.

    [Kim Rittberg, Brian Stelter, Elizabeth Homes, Erin Geiger Smith, Rachel Dodes]

    [Brooke Hammerling, Lockhart Steele] [Sean Dennison, Michele Steele] [Maya Baratz, Brook Moreland, Joseph Weisenthal, Ashley Granata] [Elizabeth Holmes, Conor Dougherty, Kate Lee] [Kelsey Falter, Steve Martocci] [Amy Palmer, Erica Berman] [Jenny Gill, Roger Clark]

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