Bushmills Irish Whiskey Investigates Social Bonding

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 27, 2010

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    In an attempt to discover how hard liquor bonds us all, Bushmills Irish Whiskey hired some cameras to capture the beginnings of new friendships, animosities and (maybe) rivalries at the Bowery Hotel Terrace yesterday. Chromeo, Kai Regan, DustLaRock participated in the study, and here are the results.

    For the most part, we observe the humans interacting with their environment quite nicely. While sipping  drinks that do not derail their specific diets, their self-confidence rises... especially when their new counterpart enthusiastically validates their career and/or roommate struggles. Perhaps a few even bonded over their mutual frustrations with the opposite sex -- which would mean some somebodies may have gotten lucky. What a concept! Surely Bushmills Irish Whiskey got a few "thank you!" bouquets the next morning. Just think: in a few years, Bushmills Irish Whiskey will be standing at the altar, decked out in a tux and a purple bow tie, smiling with tremendous pride at his accomplishment of uniting two lovebirds over their appreciation of Irish Whiskey. And they all live happily ever after.

    (What? There's whiskey in this story! Of course there's a happy ending.)