Carmindy Celebrates The Release Of Her Latest Book

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 26, 2010

    [All images by Amber De Vos for PMc] Carmindy celebrated the release of her latest book last night at the Norwood. The author became incredibly popular for her part on TLC's show, What Not To Wear. -


    The new book is titled Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets For Getting Gorgeous Fast. It is the latest installment of Carmindy's make up tip books. The content includes everything from what makeup to buy, to how to apply it, to what makeup to bring when traveling.

    The event was hosted by the fashion website, StyleCaster, and the perfume brand, Coty. Carmindy's friends, such as Noah Hatton, Neal Evans, and Joy Bergman, were all in attendance. Keeping the party upbeat were DJs Kyle Price and Brian Price.

    The book is officially released on April 1.

    Noah Hatton, Carmindy, Bella Mancini, Jennifer Geismar

    DJ Kyle Price, Alex Salkeld, Lauren Salkeld

    Chrissy Lloyd, Neal Evans, Carmindy, Irene Bremis, DJ Brian Price

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    Joy Bergman, Carmindy, Sarah Burningham, Amy Saidens, Lizzie Dunlap, Meredith Gray

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