Celebrating Skinny Jeans That Actually Make You Look Skinny

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · February 25, 2010

    [All photos by Shaun Mader for PMc] Hello! Skinny Jeans celebrated the launch of their two new lines, Stellar & Green Jeans, at the Juliet Supper Club last night. The brand's claim to fame comes from revolutionizing the skinny jean to actually make them flattering.


    Catherine Hart founded Hello! Skinny Jeans when she was fed up with unflattering denim that would make even Kate Moss look pudgy.  Models and friends flocked to the event wearing the signature denim while they toasted the introduction of the two lines. Guests at the party included Irina Pantaeva, Mark Baker, Suzie Sugarman and Loren Guttman.

    Mark Baker, Jenny Norberg, Ulf Ekberg

    Irina Pantaeva                               Virginie Promeyrat, Anne Sofie, Margaret Luce

    Dr. Barry Weintraub, Suzie Sugerman, Katja Hilgendorff   Jordan Miller

    Carolyne Bechtel, Carolyne Atkinson, Lynn Paulsin, Ann Thomas

    Elie Wilson, Rebecca Mummert, Jane Hale    Loren Guttman, Samantha Landman, Adrian Levy