The Mad Hatter Scene At Central Park Conservancy's Annual Chapeau Soirée

by Guest of A Guest · May 2, 2024

    Ah, spring. First come the Park Avenue tulips, next a herd of women donning festively festooned chapeaux shuffling through Central Park on their annual ladies-who-lunch pilgrimage...

    Yesterday, the Central Park Conservancy’s Women’s Committee hosted their Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon, raising $4.6 million to support the park. More than 1,350 guests stepped out for the afternoon affair held in the Conservatory Garden, with everyone from Michael Bloomberg, Katherine Gage Boulud, Susan Magrino and Gillian Miniter to Stefano Tonchi, Stellene Volandes and Sarah Wetenhall sporting, as is tradition, spring-inspired hats for the occasion.

    Curious to see inside the high society soirée?

    Click through to see who wore what!

    Neda Navab, Jenny Price

    Suzanne Cochran, Fiona Rudin, Eric Rudin

    Susan Magrino, Deborah Norville

    Tracey Huff, Betsy Smith

    Stephanie March

    Stephanie Stamas, Kat Dines, Katherine Gage Boulud, Dustee Jenkins, Melanie McLennan

    Gigi Burris

    Michele Brazil, Ann Spence

    Gillian Steel, Lisa Lalonde

    George Lazarus, Shelly Lazarus, Betsy Smith

    Barbara Scott, Katherine Birch, Kathleen Tait

    Darice Fadeyi, Mimi Crawford, Dana Atkins

    Casey Kohlberg, Laura Day Webb, Adrien Gardner Lesser, Lizzie Asher

    Gillian Steel, Diane Schaub, Jenny Price, Betsy Smith, Jennifer Rich, Barbara Scott, ILA Paliwal

    Amy Tarr