Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Zoe Kazan And Anthony Mackie Open "A Behanding In Spokane"

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 5, 2010

    [All photos by Eugene Mim for PMc] Thursday night marked the Broadway premiere of Martin McDonagh's new play A Behanding in Spokane. Soaking in McDonagh's dark humor were lead actors Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Zoe Kazan, and Anthony Mackie, along with  Hugh Jackman, Brooke Shields, Cynthia Rowley.-

    The Irish playwright McDonagh is known for his bloody, intense, and nervily comic plays; guys, Behanding revolves around Walken's character's search for his missing hand. After the show at the Schoenberg Theater, we can only assume that the actors and audience members all Eskimo-kissed in order to break the tension.

    What we do know for sure is that Zoe Kazan looked sweet as Irish whiskey cake, as she usually does. And Christopher Walken looked like he wanted to gnaw on someone's tibia, as he usually does. But we must note that his new hairstyle, while upsetting, is also curiously arousing.

    Christopher Walken, Zoe Kazan, Anthony Mackie, Sam Rockwell

    Brooke Shields                               Deborra-Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman

    Jason Sudeikis                                      Cynthia Rowley

    Edie Falco                                        Kate Baldwin

    Martin McDonagh                         David Hyde Pierce

    Harvey Keitel, Daphna Kastner       Michael Moore

    Christopher Walken                            Zoe Kazan

    Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Zoe Kazan, Anthony Mackie