Style Favorites Step Out To Celebrate The It Girl On Holiday Shoe Of The Summer

by Guest of A Guest · May 24, 2024

    Each summer it always seems to happen that everyone somehow - as if all subscribing to the same Substack that tells them where to go and when to book - ends up on vacation in the exact same spot, the same hotel even. The Amalfi Coast, Patmos... you're familiar.

    Well this season, while inspecting snaps of the crowds at Le Sireneuse, you'll be sure to notice the homogeneous lot is also all sporting the same sandals. On a sunny afternoon in Soho this week cult en vacance brand Ciao Lucia and footwear favorite Margaux to design the It Girl On Holiday shoe of the summer. Handmade in Spain, The Palermo sandal is an ankle wrap sandal with buckle closure. 

    Brianna Lance, Romilly Newman, Anna Speckhart, Jo Rosenthal and more stepped out at Little Prince wearing The Palermo, an easy ankle wrap prête-à-promenade pair available in brown and black, handmade in Spain.

    Lucy Akin, Alexa Buckley Roussel, Sarah Pierson

    Anna Speckhart

    Leandra Medine Cohen

    Brianna Lance

    Romilly Newman

    Morgan Evans

    Jo Rosenthal

    Freya Drohan, Christie Grimm

    Madeline O'Malley

    Irina Grechko

    Claire Stern Milch

    [Photos by BFA]