Cindy Adams And The ASPCA Bless The Animals

by SARAH MANDATO · December 14, 2009

    Cindy AdamsIf you take the time the bless your bike, well then you should certainly bless your pet. The ASPCA and Cindy Adams very much agree, as they hosted the blessing of the animals at Christ Church this past weekend.

    [Photos by JP Pullos for PMc]. With her Yorkshire terriers Jazzy and Juicy (interesting), Page Six's authority on city whisperings declared "The love and companionship of a pet is a gift that keeps giving all year." Not only were the housecat and dog recipients of this good vibing, but police horses also partook in a special portion of the ceremony, outside.

    In a city where they have couture animal outfits and I have already received a Christmas card with a professional portrait of someone's dog, this is only the next logical step. See if your local church offers similar services...God forbid you be the only one in the co-op with an unblessed pooch or kitty. It's right up there with letting them run naked. The horror.

    Marsha PerelmanEllen Lasch, Nicholas, Caroline Sade Marsha Perelman, Ellen Lasch, Nicholas, Caroline Sade