Club Monaco Holds Lookbook Cast Party At Boutique East Shop

by LIZ JENEAULT · May 6, 2010

    The cast of Club Monaco's Fall 2010 Lookbook gathered at Boutique Eat Shop last night, where their personally styled looks were captured by street-style photographer, Garance Doré.


    In order to bring their Fall 2010 Lookbook to life, Club Monaco invited photographer Garance Doré to shoot style on the streets of New York City. Through this tremendous collaboration, seven young influencers were cast: Maria McManus, Laurel Pantin, Lily Kwong, Luke Forbes, Byrdie Bell and Alec Friedman.

    The cast party, held at B.E.S--a newly opened dinner club, provided friends and guests with a close-up encounter of the brand's upcoming line.

    Becka Diamond, Andrew Mukamal and Faran Krentcil, individuals typically behind the camera, looked on as Garance Doré photographed the influencers for Club Monaco's lookbook.

    Becka Diamond, Faran Krentcil

    Becka Diamond

    Hand messages--a sheer sign of a mysterious man...

    We totally support this spider ring. If this doesn't scare off unwanted pursuers, we don't know what else could!