Dancing In The Sculpture Hall, Drinks On The Roof At Met Party

by Chiara Atik · July 9, 2010

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    Usually, when an event invitation reads "cocktails and dancing", it really means "cocktails and standing around while music plays." Not so at the Met's Young Members Party, held last night in the European Sculpture Court. Maybe it was because the heat finally broke last night. Maybe being surrounded by sculptures of frolicking gods was inspiring. Maybe people were really taking advantage of the open bar. For whatever the reason, guests at last night's party let their inhibitions go and danced.-

    Too often at parties (especially museum parties), people feel pressured to stand around stiffly and look at the art. At last night's party, people looked at the art, interacted with it, downed another drink and celebrated it.

    Afterwards, tired of dancing up a storm, guests headed up to the Met's roofdeck, wandered through Doug and Mike Starn's Big Bambu installation (a 100 by 50 ft bamboo structure), and enjoyed the breeze, the cityscape, the treetops that surrounded them.

    If the goal of the Young Members Society is to encourage young art patrons between the ages of 21 and 35 to actively participate in the museum's exhibitions and benefits, while giving the museum a younger, fresher image, then the organizers of last night's party must have been thrilled with the outcome.