ddc DESIGNPOST 2013 Collection Premiere

by Yumi Matsuo · May 22, 2013

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    On Monday, ddc unveiled their newly renovated showroom for NYC Design Week. Since its inception in 2010, ddc DESIGNPOST has been home to a rotating lineup of top European designers, focusing on the brand identity of each through allocated showroom space. Check out the photos from the launch party below.

    This year, DESIGNPOST will welcome Italian leather specialist, Baxter, and Swiss design icon, Vitra, to join Zanotta, Missoni Home, and Paola Lenti in their 34th Street space (originally conceived by architect, Phillip Johnson, in 2000). The basement level will now have a darker, industrial look, providing a stark contrast to the bright and clean geometry of the upper levels. Carpet collection by GAN will also be displayed in the new space, sponsored by Riazul Premium Tequila, Interiors Magazine.

    [McKenzie Liautaud, Robert Verdi, Peter Bratslavsky]

    Guests included McKenzie Liautaud, Robert Verdi, Peter Bratslavsky, Diana Davitadze, Mareo DeSantis, Massimo Gray, Bethan Gray, Jenny Carbines, Iling Huang, Elia Tosches, Enzo Cangeni, Oferia Shalit, Karina Hakakian, Cory Grosser, David Mocarski, Anna Lenti, West Chin, Marine Gallian, Gregor Gallian, Cliff Rullow, Shoshanna Gilbert, and Bobby Hakakian.

    [Peter Bratslavsky, Diana Davitadze, Mareo DeSantis]

    [Massimo Gray, Bethan Gray, Jenny Carbines] [Iling Huang, Elia Tosches, Enzo Cangeni]

    [Oferia Shalit, Karina Hakakian, Cory Grosser, David Mocarski, Anna Lenti, West Chin, Shoshanna Gilbert, Bobby Hakakian]

    [Wendy Landau, Bill Pittel, Bobby Hakakian]

    [Siamak Hakakian, Sandra Meza, Gil Diaz] [Jim Saxena, Toni McIntosh]

    [Marine Gallian, Gregor Gallian, Cliff Rullow]