Downtown For Democracy And OHWOW Celebrate "The Pocket Guide To Politics" At The Top Of The Standard

by Yumi Matsuo · May 2, 2012

    Last night, guests came out to the Top of the Standard to celebrate Downtown for Democracy and OHWOW's new collaboration, "The Pocket Guide to Politics." The night featured performances by The Virgins and Kilo Kish, as well as a DJ set by Nate Lowman.

    [Photo: Bill Powers, Cynthia Rowley] [Audrey Gelman, Lena Dunham] [Kate Mester, Cory Kennedy]

    "The Pocket Guide to Politics" is a book full artwork that illustrate the basics of American government. As Downtown for Democracy board member and Girls actress, Audrey Gelman told Vanity Fair,

    "Many of us have been trying to get our friends interested in politics for years, to no avail. So we figured the beginning was the logical place to start. Out of that came the idea to create a resource that laid out the ABC’s of American government through photos, paintings, pie charts, and prose.”

    [Audrey Gelman, Lena  Dunham, Murray Miller] [Honey Dijon, Aurel Schmidt]

    Guests included Theophilus London, Terry Richardson, Kilo Kish, Mos Def, Sean Avery, Lena Dunham, Donald Cumming, Andrew Richardson, Andre Saraiva, Mia Wasikowska, Audrey Gelman, Lena Dunham, Lorenzo Martone, Mark Kates, Jesse Peretz, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Brian Wolk, Claude Morais, Nur Khan, Sante D'Orazio, Bill Powers, Cynthia Rowley, Carlos Mota, Cory Kennedy, Hanuk Hanuk, Harry Beee, Kristian Laliberte, Kyle Hardin DeWoody, Lucy McIntyre, Nate Lowman, Pippa Cohen, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Sean MacPherson, Leandra Medine, Sante D'Orazio, Valerie Boster, and Sarah Cristoball.

    [Terry Richardson, Theophilus London] [Lorenzo Martone]

    [Audrey Gelman, Aaron Bonderoff]

    [Bill Powers, Cynthia Rowley] [Nur Khan, Sante D'Orazio]

    [Andrew Richardson, Andre Saraiva] [Sean Avery]

    [Audrey Gelman, Lena Dunham]

    [Nate Lowman]

    [Sean MacPherson, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson] [Mia Wasikowska]

    [Donald Cumming]

    [Mos Def, Sandra Ardito]

    [Kilo Kish] [Kate Mester, Cory Kennedy]

    [Kilo Kish]

    [Mos Def, Nur Khan] [Mark Kates, Jesse Peretz, Sarah Sophie Flicker]

    [Chrissy Miller, Cory Kennedy]

    [Theophilus London] [Donald Cumming]

    [Photos via BFA]