Equinox Presents: "Summer Is Coming"

by Janhavi Purohit · April 26, 2013

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    On Wednesday, Equinox New York held their "Summer is Coming" event, featuring food and drinks, as well as makeovers and consultations from experts. Purity Vodka provided beverages.

    Guests included Joseph Manfredo, Eve Petersen, Erynn Lewis, Steve Williams, George Weisgerber, Katie Atkins, Gina Ianni, Jaime Diaz, Rishaun English, Sue Fassl, Pablo Delgado, Kerry Elsasser, Yuliya S., Ioanna Zacharopoulou, Melissa Fego, Misha Shahzada, Christin Turnier, and David Rosen.

    [Joseph Manfredo] [Eve Petersen, Erynn Lewis]

    [George Weisgerber, Misha Shahzada]

    [Steve Williams, George Weisgerber]

    [Katie Atkins, Gina Ianni, Jaime Diaz, Rishaun English]

    [Sue Fassl, Pablo Delgado, Kerry Elsasser] [Yuliya S., Ioanna Zacharopoulou, George Weisgerber]

    [Melissa Fego]

    [Misha Shahzada, Sue Fassl]

    [Christin Turnier, David Rosen]

    [Jaime Diaz, Rishaun English]