Exhibition A Launches First Physical Show At Ace Hotel

by Mara Siegler · March 17, 2011

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    Art lovers and scenesters packed themselves into the itty bitty gallery space at the Ace Hotel Tuesday night to view ExhibitionA.com's first physical exhibition of work, "Monochrome". It was cocktails and chitchat as guests viewed pieces by Terence Koh, Olympia Scarry, Olivier Zahm, and Nate Lowman.  Take a look...

    The partnership between Cynthia Rowley, Bill Powers, Laura Martin, and Gabby Munozand's hip, contemporary online art site and the Ace fits all too perfectly. The hotel is known for its hipster following, as well as the tech crowd which bangs away on their keyboards at all hours as the  beautiful people sip cockatils and talk too noisily for anyone (I don't care who you are!) to get any real work done.

    Since it's opening, the Ace has always attracted the "bourgeois bohemian" crowd and they've been upping the self-branding as a creative hub with recent events.  Target celebrated their 5 years of Go International featuring relaunches of Luella Bartley, Thakoon and more, with Opening Ceremony last week, and electric violinist Emily Wells has been performing in the front lobby on Sunday nights.

    We have a feeling that this isn't going to be the only exhibit ExhibitionA will hold in the space.