Fashion Meets Finance: Spring Fling Turned Summer Love

by Yumi Matsuo · May 4, 2012

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    Last night, fashionistas and financiers gathered at Liberty Theatre to make some new love connections. Members of Bravo's matchmaker show, "The Love Broker," were at the event to help advise guests on their best love match, as well as spread the word of their new business, Project Soul Mate. The night ended with a "handful" of guests leaving hand in hand with their new matches.

    Event founders Beth Newill and Charna Weissman hope for more than an evening of fun for the guests.

    "We know this event has turned out a marriage or two and definitely quite a few serious relationships."

    Door donations went to The Partnership for the Homeless and raffle prizes were dished out by the event's sponsors including MeetMoi, HSI Professional, Bandita Couture Bikinis, Dicks Cottons Sunglasses, and OneHope Wine. Guests included Tabber B. Benedict, Beth Newill, Charna Weissman, Ana Berry, Jules Horowitz, Amanda Lopez, Austeja Makoveckaite, Olivia Bush, Ali Reading, Debra Edwards, Krista McKenzie, Drew Zerdecki, Lori Zaslow, Kelli Bloch, Max Fein, Sari Jacobson, Kirk Goehring, Shannon Yarborough, and Eric Rosenthal.

    [Charna Weissman, Ana Berry]

    [Beth Newill, Charna Weissman]

    [Charna Weissman, Drew Zerdecki]