An Inspiring Night At The Movies With Prime Video's For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign Screening

by Guest of A Guest · June 11, 2024

    It may be hard to believe that the most inspiring, hopeful film of the year is a documentary tracking the story of a beautiful young family turned inside out by a neurodegenerative disease with no cure, but it is.

    For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign is as heart opening as it is heart breaking, following Brian Wallach and his wife Sandra Abrevaya as they climb the ever-steepening difficulty of his diagnosis with ALS. When told by doctors that he had just six months to live - unaided by a healthcare system with no path for processing his needs, met with doctors wholly unknowledgeable as to his options, Brian set off to dedicate all of his efforts to lend a voice to all of the others in his same situation. The result was I Am ALS, a community of patients desperate for a chance at survival, ready to revolutionize the medical world to be seen and fought for. 

    As former Obama staffers well too familiar with the frustrating road ahead when it came to advocating for research funding and resource availability, Brian and Sandra's tireless efforts went on to affect the most amazing moments of change. But don't let us ruin the movie for you!

    Last week, a gaggle of New York's most interesting - Igee Okafor, Alexandra Pijut, Rachel Liverman and more - flocked to The Whitby Hotel to enjoy a private screening of the Prime Video must-see featuring a post-film Q&A with Producer Katie Couric, Brian's wife Sandra and key members of the movie's team.

    Catch up with everyone else and watch the film now on Prime Video!

    [Photos courtesy Prime Video]