Foursquare Party Fails To Proclaim Mayor Of Internet Week

by Chiara Atik · June 14, 2010

    *Alternate Title: Internet Week Ends With A Spalsh

    So Foursquare had this huge shindig on the roof of the Thompson, where guests drank Pepsi to their hearts content and celebrated the "Mayors" of various NYC Venues, like the Marc Jacobs store and Spitzers.-

    I think it goes with out saying that Dennis Crowley himself was the mayor of the pool, given how people flocked towards and around him. (I'm not sure, but I really HOPE, that the picture below illustrates an especially intense game of Marco Polo.)

    The party failed, however, to name a Mayor of Internet Week, which led to intense debate in the GofG Office:

    SunnyCA: Who should the mayor of Internet Week be? Nick McGlynn Bc he's at like everything.

    SunnyCA: Ok.

    So congratulations, Nick McGlynn, you are the mayor of internet week. We're sure Foursquare will make a badge for you next time around.

    [All photos by Erica Gannett for IRL Productions]