From The Benjamin To The Bowery, Light Clothes And Heavy Drinks

by LIZ JENEAULT · March 23, 2010

    lauren remington platt This past weekend's weather captured those who have been a bit apartment stir crazy lately, and sent them in full party-hopping force. Blogger Hanuk Hanuk documented this rare March occurrence, as fashionistas and "it girls" hit the city hard in thinner layers.

    Hanuk Hanuk, a self acclaimed, "seamstress turned photographer/martini conoisseur" covered the evening as he hopped from The Benjamin, to Kenmare, to The Bowery--photographing the most sultry party goers.

    Lauren Remington Platt and Becka Diamond were a few of the high profile "it girls" who were shot by the blogger.

    From the looks of it, it seems as if these partiers shed their reclusive winter attitudes for a more seductive side of things. It's too bad we don't already have a tan and an early morning beach buzz to match these sort of warm-weather attitudes...

    Tom Van Dorpe, Evelien Joos Tom Van Dorpe, Evelien Joos

    Shannon Spillett Shannon Spillet

    Photographer of the night, Hanuk Hanuk, made sure to include several shots of him kissing his friends on the cheek. Has the weather gotten this blogger flustered? A little too happy, is he?

    Fay Cantor-Stephens, Hanuk Hanuk Fay Cantor-Stephens, Hanuk Hanuk

    Becka Diamond took advantage of the warmer weather as she looked fierce in ripped tights and destroyed shorts.

    Laura McLaws Helms, Becka DiamondDemetria White Laura McLaws Helms, Becka Diamond, Demetria White

    Victor Glemaud, Lauren Remington Platt Victor Glemaud, Lauren Remington Platt

    [All photos via Hanuk Hanuk]