Garrett Pruter Sends Mixed Signals

by Whitney Young · February 10, 2012

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    Last night, Garrett Pruter hosted his first solo exhibition, "Mixed Signals," from 6-8 p.m. at Charles Bank Gallery. The 24-year-old artist's show was a compilation of old family photos that he found (at various types of shops and flea markets), cut up, and combined with unrelated photos to create surreal, mind-bending images. The images, all from different times and places, are also meant to blur past and present.

    Also in attendance were Charles Bank Gallery owner Adam C. Greenberger and director/curator Gina Fraone, Nick Haramis, Idil Tabanca, John GeelanSimon Talling-Smith and Guy Regal.

    [L: Garrett Pruter, Nick Haramis]

    [L: Garrett Pruter]

    [L: Garrett Pruter, R: Idil Tabanca]

    [L: Garrett Pruter, R: Nick Haramis] [Middle: Nick Haramis]