Gigi Mortimer And Fran Drescher Do Lunch For Cancer Schmancer

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 12, 2010

    [All photos by Amber De Vos for PMc] Yesterday, at the East Side Social Club, Gigi Mortimer combined parties with Fran Drescher. Yes, both were enjoying each other's company. Gigi Mortimer and Courtney Moss were celebrating the launch of their new company, Glamourpuss NYC. Fran Drescher was hosting the charitable luncheon, Cancer Schmancer.

    They were joined by Tory Burch, Lori Levine, Dee Dee Ricks, the Gilroy family, and Carol Matthews. The event was full of good times, everyone was embracing one another and were loving the gift bags. Included in the bags were silk tops with pastel pink, purple, blue and green. Debbie Bancroft loved her's so much she decided to put it on right away!

    Devon Gilroy, Grace Gilroy, Billy Gilroy

    Laurie Fabiano, Sherman Meloni, Leslye Faulk

    Peggy Siegal, Courtney Moss, Muffy Potter Aston

    Anne Dexter-Jones, Fran Drescher

    Gigi Mortimer, Lori Levine, Courtney Moss, Debbie Bancroft

    Calliope Karella, Gigi Mortimer

    Leslie Vosshall, Dana Cooper, Karen Klopp

    Carol Matthews, Sandy Golinkn, Sarah Ayres

    Carol Matthews, Courtney Moss, Debbie Bancroft