Giuliva Heritage? The Chicest Italian Brand You've Never Heard Of Swanned Stateside For A Chic Fête

by Guest of A Guest · November 16, 2023

    A brand so quiet luxury, you've never heard of them?

    Giuliva Heritage gathered a gaggle of fashion favorites alongside co-host Kirna Zabête to fête the Italian tailoring expert's new collection. Rome-based husband and wife founders Gerardo Cavaliere and Margherita Cardelli dressed a number of those in attendance, including actors Rebecca Hall and Cara Buono, ensuring a chic scene at the newly opened private room atop the Golden Swan.

    Curious to see who wore what?

    Renata Zandonadi, Brianna Lance

    Indre Rockefeller, Cara Buono

    Pietro Quaglia, Zach Weiss

    Beth Buccini, Finn Biden

    Becky Malinsky, Renata Zandonadi

    Beth Buccini, Leandra Medine

    Gian Franco Rodriguez

    Kaia Avent deLeon, Conie Valese

    Beth Buccini, Alina Cho

    [Photographs by Zev Starr-Zambor]