Gramercy Park Hotel Still Hot....At Least In Winter's Cold Months

by Mara Siegler · January 27, 2011

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    Purity Vodka recently brought out a well heeled crowd for a party at Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel. But does the place still have it going on now that Nur Khan and his Sessions have moved on?

    While you may not see a surprise performance by Liza Minelli or Axl Rose, the space hasn't completely suffered. Though maybe not as exclusive or wild as it once once, it retains class with well-crafted cocktails and a chic atmosphere perfect for warming up on winter nights with non fussy friends. The decor is still warm and beautiful, all the art's still there, and we are officially calling it: this place is still hot!

    For those wondering where the Rose Bar crowd downstairs (which tended to spill over into the Gramercy Park Hotel rooftop depicted above),  went post-Nur, (who, of course, went on to open the Kenmare and then Don Hills), try Ace Hotel.

    Located blocks over, Alex Calderwood's Ace Empire surprised some, when after a super soft opening it became the groovy spot to be seen during Fashion Week. With the same design team as the Boom Boom Room (Roman and Williams), and using a never before seen social media marketing strategy - The hotel keeps a Tumblr, Facebook , and Twitter which it uses to keep patrons and would-be guests abreast of new happenings - the city's hippest crowd has responded in its favor. Bring in ultra cool curators from Opening Ceremony and add a hot new Oyster Bar and you have sealed the deal.

    In contrast, the Gramercy Park Hotel didn't even have a website in its initial months of opening and no photos were allowed inside its doors. Is this just another case for the nerds?

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