Harboring Hearts Hosts A Heart-Healthy Expo Event

by Barbara Russ · February 22, 2012

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    The Tribeca Lole Showtique hosted a Heart Healthy Expo last night in support of Harboring Hearts. The evening included cardio training presentations by Rogue Female Fitness, heart-healthy Vestry Wines and Victory Garden yogurts, as well as shopping for a good cause: part of the proceeds was donated to Harboring Hearts, whose founders Michelle Javian and Yuki Kotani help families and their loved ones who receive cardiac treatment by providing a network and housing for them during the treatment.

    Among the guests of the charitable event were Nancy Silberkleit, Angela Fisher, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr., Kate McGowan, Hannah Pechter, Leanne Shear, Katie Currie and Sophia Brittan.

    [L: Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.][R: Yumi Kotani]

    [L: Yumi Kotani]

    [R: Michelle Javian] [M: Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.]

    [R: Michelle Javian]