High Line Section 2 Opens With FriendsWithYou's Rainbow City

by Roxana Hernandez · June 8, 2011

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    Last night,  AOL and guests celebrated the opening of High Line Section 2 with a preview of  Miami-based FriendsWithYou's Rainbow City, an interactive public art installation of vibrant air-filled sculptures presented as a part the AOL Artist program. It's open to the public today!

    The multi-colored , balloon pieces were first seen at the Luminato Festival of the Arts in Toronto and later at Art Basel Miami 2010.  It's made of intensely colored balloons encouraging visitors of all ages to be active and explore every art object making the experience unforgettable.

    Guests at last night's preview included Sam Borkson, Tury Sandoval, Tim Armstrong, Arianna Huffington, Maureen Sullivan, Joshua David, Robert Hammond, Elizabeth Diller, Fabiola Beracasa, Kathy Grayson, Eric Cahan, Kyle DeWoody, Peter Davis, Olivia Chantecaille, Melia Marden, Tim Hamilton, and David Zwirner to name a few.

    Ashley Thomas, Sade Hooks

    Paulette Ahlstron, Juliette Premmereur

    Laura Mead, Navarra Novy-Williams