Honoring Ripley F.W. Albright and Memorial Scholarship Recipients & Rhizome's Annual Benefit

by Ailsa Forlenza · April 22, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Matee Rakvit at the Mina Gallery,

    Go HERE for more photos by Steve Zak at the New Museum, and don't forget to tag yourself and your friends!

    Irene and Marine Albright honored Ripley F.W. Albright last night at the Mina Gallery and presented fifteen scholarships to young art students, and the Rhizome Benefit kicked off in the skyroom of the New Museum to raise money for emerging artists. Check out more of the photos here.

    Honoring Ripley F.W. Albright & The 15 Recepients of the Albright Memorial Scholarship

    Go HERE for more photos by Matee Rakvit, and tag yourself and your friends!

    At the Mina Gallery in Cooper Union square, Irene Albright honored the memory of artist Ripley F.W. Albright. Awards were presented to fifteen art students that won the Albright Memorial Scholarship contest. Proceeds from the gallery event went to funds for the Rhode Island School of Design.

    Rhizome's Annual Benefit at The New Museum

    Go HERE for more photos by Steve Zak, and tag yourself and your friends!

    Rhizome hosted their annual benefit to honor founder Mark Tribe last night at the New Museum's sky room. This organization dedicates its time to support the creation, presentation and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology, art, and culture. A wonderful feature to their website is the ArtBase, a place where members can distribute their artwork in a kind of online e-portfolio and receive feedback from others artists.