's My So-Called Internet Party Brings The '90's To Online Dating

by Mara Siegler · June 10, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Sunny Norton, and tag yourself and your friends!, the dating site that is less about the generic and standard "I like travel, food, air, things that are good, Arrested Development, etc" profiles and more about ideas for actual dates, held its My So-Called Internet Week party last night at the Tribeca Grand. Guests came dressed in '90's gear, chowed down on candy, shared date suggestions and sparked some new romances.

    How much do you love the invite?

    This was definitely the kind of party that Rayanne Graff would have dragged Angela Chase to (against her better judgment) where she would have stood against the wall with her arms crossed until she saw Jordan Catalano smoking in a corner and awkwardly putting his hair behind his ears when suddenly things became more clear or more confusing in a voice over narration that left your teenage self being like, "OMG, I totally feel like that!"

    Dennis Crowley

    How about we...go somewhere and I eat food off your neck in public?  Oh yeah.

    Nick McGlynn

    Mallory Blair , Bianca Caampued

    Guests got into the '90's theme:

    If there was a vote for best dressed, the winner should be this dude sporting a different kind of Kandi. Rave on, man! PLUR.

    A marriage made in candy heaven...

    and a sweeter affair?

    We're guessing she has a ton of dates lined up: