Humane Society Bash Mixes With MTV's American Best Dance Crew

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 15, 2010

    [All photos by J.T. White for PMc] On Saturday night, 250 guests braved the Nor'easter to support the Humane Society at a party hosted by attorneys Mark Smith and Tim Valliere. The attendees included Sarah Bradford, Richard Johnson, Cindy Guyer, CNN's Emily Bush, and Fox News's Mallory Factor.

    After the recognition of the honorees, the crowd enjoyed drinks, CupcakeStop sweets, and, puzzlingly, a performance by MTV's American Best Dance Crew SassX7. I would make fun, but ABDC is ridiculously entertaining, and the marriage of wicked moves with animal protection can only bring good things.

    Mark Smith thanks Sarah Bradford for her contributions.

    Co-Host Tim Valliere                           Chuck Taylor, Liz Derringer

    Brooke Goldstein, Ben Brissi, Deborah Blum

    Cindy Guyer                                            Mark Smith, Angelique Basilakis

    Justin Ross Lee, Sessa von Richthofen, Richard Johnson

    Wendy Diamond                                 Sarah Bradford, Maggie Norris

    SassX7 performs. The crowd looks nonplussed.

    The guests took home gift bags from Aveeno, LuxeLeather, Digipix, and others.