In The Mood For A Laugh? Hit Up Georgia Room Tomorrow

by Christie Grimm · January 18, 2022

    Suffering from a case of the January blues?

    There's no better solution to sitting alone in your apartment wondering if there's anything in life worth getting out of your leggings and into real clothes for than Nina Tarr and Harkness Granger's brilliant show, 'Our Time Of The Month.'

    Once a month the duo (you've seen her on Hacks and him on Girls) take over hot spot Georgia Room with cocktails and comedy and good vibes. 

    This Wednesday, January 19th they'll be joined by comics Joe DeRosa, Gabby Bryan, Chanel Ali, Drew Lausch, and Zach Teague with  music by DJ Sur Back.

    The door opens and the drinks start flowing at 7PM - see you there?

    [Photo via @georgiaroomnyc]