Inside Chanel's Eighth Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

by Erica Getto · April 26, 2013

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    Last night, the stars came out for the Chanel Eighth Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner. The crowd was a who's who of the Downtown New York scene, with guests including everyone from Michael Pitt, to Dree Hemingway, to Sean Avery. The guests arrived at the perennial Tribeca staple - and one of our top festival restaurants - The Odeon, where they posed for pictures in front of a bright pink floral walkway. The women were as fashionable as ever, with Chanel being the obvious choice for fashion personality Alexa Chung, model Joan Smalls, and Leigh Lezark of The Misshapes, among others. Scroll through for our photographs and read on to see what Josh Radnor of "How I Met Your Mother" and Kiernan Shipka of "Mad Men" had to share with us last night.

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    [Dustin Yellin] [Greg Unis, David Kratz]

    [Josh Radnor]

    Tonight is all about high fashion, but we figured we would go the other route: what’s the craziest outfit you’ve worn on HIMYM?

    Josh Radnor: Well, I think it was a bowl of spaghetti...

    Of course, the Halloween costumes are the best!

    JR: Yeah, I’ve been a bowl of spaghetti, a canoe, a cumin shaker. You’re not going to beat those.

    And did you know that Columbia University students have your character Ted Mosby on their rate-my-teachers style website?

    JR: Oh, yeah – is that where I fake teach? That’s impressive!

    [Jason Silva, Frank Rose] [Moran Atias, Paul Haggis]

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    [Michael Pitt] [Laure Heriard Dureuil, Aaron Young]

    [Joan Smalls] [Kiernan Shipka]

    We think it’s so awesome that you do Tae Kwond Do. How do you feel when you put your uniform on?

    Kiernan Shipka: I feel a little bit more like a ninja - a little bit more like I can sort of beat up anyone, if that makes sense? I have to tell you something: when I was testing [for my next belt], I had a pink stripe in my hair – like a pink stripe of fire. That’s what I said the whole time. I guess I get a little more fire inside.

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