Interview Magazine, Along With Peter Brant II And Harry Brant, Host Jitrois Pop-Up Store Opening

by Veronica Hoglund · May 18, 2012

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    Last night was the opening of Jitrois Pop-Up Store, located at 98 Greene Street. The event was presented by Interview Magazine and Jitrois, and was hosted by Peter Brant II and Harry Brant. The night was celebrated with a champagne reception and a set by DJ KISS.

    [Photo: Harry Brant, Carlos Mota, Peter Brant Jr.]

    Guests included Peter Brant II, Harry Brant, DJ KISS, Derek Blasberg, Randi Jacobson, Carlos MotaMaggie BarrChristopher BollenKipton CronkiteJenna SauersMiguel Enamorado, Jared Allred, Carrie Weidner, Marlon Calbitaza, Audrey McGee, Carl Cortes, Shin Ma, Mayu Hari, Sarah Berry, Courtney Lyons, and Madeline Rudin.

    [Harry Brant, Peter Brant Jr.]

    [Derek Blasberg, Peter Brant Jr.]

    [Eric Ceesay, Krystyna Gram]

    [Audrey McGee, Carl Cortes] [Randi Jacobson, Miguel Enamorado] [Shin Ma, Mayu Hari]

    [Jared Allred, Carrie Weidner, Marlon Calbitaza]

    [Judy Sanders, Maggie Barr] [DJ KISS]

    [Jenna Sauers]

    [DJ KISS, Legendary Damon]

    [Maggie Barr, Madeline Rudin]

    [Sara Berry, Courtney Lyons]