It's Officially Christmas Time In The City: Saks Unveils Holiday Windows

by Chiara Atik · November 23, 2010

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    So they may have substituted bubbles for snowflakes this unseasonably warm November, but there's no doubt Christmas was in the air on Fifth Ave last night, as Saks unveiled their 2010 Holiday Windows.-

    If you're a strict observer or proper holiday chronology, you may wince at the idea of Christmas getting started before Thanksgiving's been given a proper shake. Revelers last night didn't seem to mind the premature celebration, enjoying the spectacle of bubbles, snowflake lights, insane windows, and Patti Labelle, who sang a few songs in honor of the event.

    (The windows this year have a nautical theme, so the bubbles were of the sea, and it's just a coincidence it looks like snow in the main picture...)