James Stroud: OPEN CITY Exhibition Opening At Galerie Mourlot

by Gautam Balasundar · May 24, 2013

    James Stroud: OPEN CITY Exhibition Opening at Galerie MourlotClick HERE for more photos by Stephen Smith and tag yourself and your friends!

    On Thursday, James Stroud presented his new exhibition OPEN CITY at the Galerie Mourlot. Guests enjoyed cocktails while viewing Stroud's architectural paintings.

    "James Stroud's paintings "awaken" us to the extraordinary experience of contemporary urban life. His paintings can be seen as a vertical archeology, not of past cultures but of the present [...] In James Stroud's paintings, we are experiencing, and reminded of, our Deleuzian ecstacy, of the thousand plateaus that constitute our lived reality." - Lasse Antonsen

    [Jennifer LaMaide, James Stroud, Rebecca Cummings, Guadeloupe Gomez, Dovile Drizyte, Eric Mourlot]

    [Jack Gwaltny, Josh William]

    [Guadeloupe Gomez, Alicia Wilson]

    [Eric Mourlot, Pascal Blondeau]

    [Regina Pozvolska, Dovile Drizyte]

    [Lucia Carbone, Valentina Vincenzini, Federica Franze, Irame Decosta]

    [Jack Gwaltney, Rebecca Cummings]

    [Eric Mourlot, Dovile Drizyte, James Stroud, Laura Nicklas, Brent Nicklas]

    [Diana Amaya, Charlotte de L'Epine, Livia Coullias Blanc, Florent Palagret]

    [Sara Beth Shrager, Rodney Hilton, David Stone]

    [Charles Sacks, Rebecca Cummings, Ilana Pfefer]

    [Dovile Drizyte, Rebecca Cummings, Aurelie Naderzad, Taghi Naderzad]