Jimmy Cliff Performs Live At Miss Lily's

by Katherine Bonnin · November 29, 2011

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    Last night Miss Lily's celebrated Jimmy Cliff's new album by hosting a live broadcast with Sirius Radio. Cliff arrived immediately after an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show to Miss Lily's Variety, the latest addition to the restaurant, that opened its doors just for the special occasion.

    Cliff played a few acoustic songs to the intimate invite-only crowd, while fans got to listen live on Sirius radio. Guests got a private preview of their soon-to-be-opened, boutique and gallery space, Miss Lily's Variety, with fresh squeezed juices made by Melvin Major Jr.

    Attendees included Harry BeeStella SchnabelBrandee BrownMatthew Modine, Kacey Cockett-Librizzi, Wendy James, Paul SalmonSalman RushdieJulian SchnabelOlatz Schnabel, Chris Blackwell Jr., Drew Henzell, Vivien Goldman, Ricky PowellBrandee Brown and Happy Massie.

    A portion of all Miss Lily's Variety sales will go to the Rockhouse Foundation, a US registered charity that transforms the places where Jamaica's children learn and supports the people who teach them.

    [Jimmy Cliff]

    [Stella Schnabel]

    [Salman Rushdie, Brandee Brown]

    [Harry Bee]

    [Wendy James]

    [Paul Salmon]

    [Matthew Modine]

    [Melvin Major Jr.]

    [Kacey Cockett-Librizzi, Abigail Jorgensen, Gabrielle Swan]

    Check out the Jimmy Fallon appearance here:

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