Jodie Foster Screens "The Beaver," Stella McCartney Has Saks Appeal

by Roxana Hernandez · May 5, 2011

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    While Jodie Foster showed off The Beaver at the Walter Reade Theater, Stella McCartney was showing off her new Saks Appeal at Saks Fifth Avenue.

    Special Screening of "The Beaver"

    Jodie Foster, Jonathan Demme

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    Jodie Foster's movie The Beaver touches on some very tough stuff, as she directed and co-stared along side of Mel Gibson. The movie focuses on a very unorthodox subject: Depression aided by a stuffed beaver puppet. But who can be depressed on the thought of Mel Gibson playing in Jodie Foster's Beaver...hmm?

    Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

    Ron Claiborne, Gayle King, Kirby King

    Stella Showed off her new Saks appeal at New York's Saks Fifth Avenue

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    Liv Tyler hosted a cocktail reception in honor of Stella McCartney to celebrate the opening of her new shop in Saks. Guests were able to meet Liv, Stella, preview the Autumn and Winter 2011 collection, and  enjoy cocktails, and vegetarian hors d'oeuvres. Proceeds from the evening's sales went to The Naked Heart Foundation.

    Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler