Ladyfag Is The Future Face Of Nightlife

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 6, 2010

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    The ultimate "gay club scene" party thrower, Ms. Ladyfag, has outdone herself once again. And on April 1, Ladyfag provided her friendly club-goers with a legit reason to party: she's been (most obviously) named the future face of nightlife!

    Ladyfag was awarded with "The Future Face of Nightlife" title this year at Papermag's 5th Annual Nightlife Awards (we assume she's proud of this one). In celebration of the queen's title, Paper and SVEDKA threw an open-bar-shit-show at La Pomme (How could Paper resist throwing a party for their favored contributor?!).

    Ladyfag's weekly co-host, Roxy Cottontail, hypnotized the trashed audience (oh, Svedka...) while swinging around the pole and flashing her crystal-encrusted acyclic nails at them.

    We know you're feeling jealous--Ladyfag's hairy armpits, badass hair, and killer heels are something you definitely missed out on. No need to worry, though...Ladyfag and sidekick Cottontail will host "Headz Will Roll" every Thursday night (yes, EVERY Thursday)!

    Possible outfit purchases to make before the next "Heads Will Roll" party (just to make sure you fit in):

    Garbage bags (preferably blue-colored)

    Clown mask

    Inflatable bunny ears