LARGO Theater At CV At The Hotel On Rivington

by Ailsa Forlenza · April 15, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Steve Zak at the Hotel Rivington, and tag yourself and your friends.

    Last night at CV at the Hotel Rivington, guests came out for the innovative project LARGO, a theatrical production that describes its mix with reality in one word: Theality. The performance drew crowds involved in New York City nightlife and displayed a play on cinema verite--real people and real characters with a twist.

    Brought to stage by writer David Alex Andrejko with direction by Ellen Orenstein, whose style is a mixture between David Lynch and Anne Bogart, LARGO is a new theatrical form that caters to its audience. The production included a series of firsts, not only the surprising situations on stage, but also a site specific lounge that allowed guests to drink before and after the performance, and free tickets to those who cannot afford them.