Launch of Ildiko Gal Bespoke Shoes Hosted By Patrick McDonald

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 4, 2010

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    Arguably the Lady Gaga of the fashion world, consultant Patrick Mcdonald hosted the launch of Hungarian shoemaker Ildiko Gal's handcrafted and painfully expensive leather footwear at Core Club last night. Never has a girl had as much fun staring at $2,500 pairs of men's stingray shoes.

    Known as "Dandy" to the fashionista crowd after a season one stint on Bravo's Launch My Line, Mcdonald was perhaps the best and certianly the brightest spectacle at last night's eccentric affair. Of course, I'm a little biased because my dainty, size 7 feet will never benefit from Ildiko Gal's ridiculous foot scanner that essentially custom makes the shoes for the lucky and probably filthy rich male customer.

    While the event was appropriately decorated - the paintings that adorned the walls of the space only emphasized the artistic qualities of Gal's traditionally handcrafted shoes - it seemed that the decor and some of the attendees took their fashion cues from none other than Dandy himself.

    Patrick, you devil, was this exclusive soiree just another coy publicity attempt to direct the fashion world's undivided attention towards you, and only you?!