Love 4 Animals And Bridge Of Hope Project Bring Style To Charity

by Sun Kersor · February 7, 2011

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    Love 4 Animals threw a fundraiser for NYC's shelter animals, and Bridges of Hope Project hosted a benefit for the children of Turkey. See how the altruistic set partied this weekend.

    Love 4 Animals-Fundraiser For NYC's Shelter Animals

    In partnership with Animal Care & Control, Lorenzo Borghese, Jennifer Jablow, Lauren Grafer, Li Jing, and others hosted this fundraiser at the Shang Bar and Lounge at the Thompson Hotel LES. Attendees brought donations of unused dog and cat food and toys.  Animal Care & Control rescues and facilitates the adoption of over 40,000 animals each year but was in desperate need of funding. this evening marked an occasion to give the organization some loving.

    Bridges of Hope

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    Bridges of Hope Project hosted a night at a private TriBeCa loft to benefit the Youth & Children of Turkey. Guests grooved to a DJ and partook in the warm-hearted affair as they enjoyed gourmet delicacies, an open bar, an auction, and short screenings. The proceeds of the evening will go toward creating ten libraries at elementary level local boarding schools in selected towns in Turkey.