LoveCat Valentine's Day Jam Session at Milk Studios

by Barbara Russ · February 15, 2012

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    Last night, Milk Studios hosted the True Religion Jam Session with Lady Kier and LoveCat Magazine. Performers Lady Kier, Mirkala, Princess Diandra and Bebe Buell rocked the basement of the famous studios. Among the guests were LoveCat founders Prince Chenoa and Jacob DeKat models Shelby Coleman, Shaun Ross, Mari Agory, Nianga Niang, Ping Hue and Coco Rocha.

    [Princess Diandra]

    [Princess Diandra, Mirkala, Bebe Buell]

    [R: Shelby Coleman]

    [L: Mari Agory]

    [Lady Kier]

    [L: Shaun Ross]

    [Prince Chenoa, Sophia Lamar]