Luc Perramond & Robert B. Chavez Host La Montre Hermes Dinner At Skylight West

by Yumi Matsuo · March 26, 2013

    Last night, Robert B. Chavez, President & CEO of Hermès, and Luc Perramond, CEO of La Montre Hermès, invited guests to celebrate the launch of Hermès’ newest watch, the Dressage Chronograph, with the presentation of an exclusive dance entitled “Time in Motion.” The event began with a dance performance by Sandra Savin and David Drouard at the Baryshnikov Art Center. The two dancers mirrored each other's movements, bringing to life the mechanisms within a watch as well as the iconic Hermes galloping horse.

    Afterwards, guests were transported to a lavish dinner at Skylight West to view the new Dressage Chronograph in a stunning ‘cabinet de curiosités’ display. The event space was immaculately decorated with displays of the iconic Hermes watches as well as a live watch maker that guests were able to interact with and speak to about the company's process.

    Guests included Waris Ahluwalia, Robert Chavez, Kelly Rutherford, Luc Perramond, David Drouard, Sandra Savin, Neville Wakefield, Olympia Scarry, Zani Gugelmann, Shala Monroque, Lauren Remington Platt, Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Tatiana Platt, Campion Platt, Ted Stafford, Jamie Johnson, Dr. Lisa Airan, Peter Davis, Olivia Chantecaille, Debbie Bancroft, Anne Caruso, Amanda Ross, Jay Fielden, Richard Farley, Chele Chiavacci, Taylor Harris, Olivier Canovas, Isabelle Cruz, Isabelle Kao, Vicky Lu, Paola Gonzalez, Kristin Zarrella, Tom Zarrella, and Valerie Boster.

    [Photo: David Drouard, Luc Perramond, Sandra Savin]

    Peter Davis ‏(@PeterDavisNYC) tweeted:

    Rarely post "food porn" but this chocolate shell melted to reveal goodies inside: ONLY at an Hermès dinner.

    [Neville Wakefield, Olympia Scarry, Zani Gugelmann, Shala Monroque]

    [Luc Perramond]

    [Olympia Scarry] [Jennifer Creel]

    [Olivia Chantecaille]

    [Jamie Johnson, Waris Ahluwalia] [Peter Davis, Jennifer Creel, Christian Leone]

    [Shala Monroque]

    [Kelly Rutherford, Olivia Chantecaille] [Lauren Remington Platt, Jamie Johnson]

    [Waris Ahluwalia]

    [Waris Ahluwalia, Zani Gugelmann] [David Drouard, Robert Chavez, Sandra Savin] [Neville Wakefield]

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    [Photos via BFA, via Vogue]