Up... With A Twist! You're Invited To Our Martini Master Class Soirée At Jac's On Bond

by Guest of A Guest · August 30, 2023

    As far as we're concerned, the ultimate party trick is knowing your way around a cocktail shaker.

    While no one can seem to agree for sure on who invented the martini - Was it a bartender during the California gold rush? Was it a German guy with the last name Martini who liked to mix gin and white wine? Was it a bartender at The Knickerbocker with the first name Martini who made them for John D. Rockefeller? - we can all certainly agree that if you're looking for one these days, Jac's on Bond is the place to go.

    Because we're personally just desperate for an excuse to try every martini on their menu, Wednesday, September 13th we're hosting a Martini Master Class Soirée with our favorite downtown haunt!

    Be sure to arrive at the al fresco affair with one hand open since we'll make sure you've got a glass from the start. Hang with Head Bartender Trevor Langer to learn all his tips and tricks for whipping up their exciting menu of inventive martinis. There's their Caprese Martini, Espresso Martini, Tinijuana - of course you'll get to try them all, plus a special recipe Jac's on Bond is making exclusively just for the evening. 

    We'll drink, we'll chat, we'll drink some more, it'll be a time.

    We do not do boring, so bring some fun gossip and wear something good. I mean, it’s a cocktail party so cocktail attire has to be the vibe, no?

    See you there?