Matthew Eames Book Launch For "Dickon Eames: An American Sculptor In France"

by Anita Lau · September 22, 2011

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    Last night, friends and fans were invited to joined author and artist, Matthew C. Eames, at The Cooper Square Hotel to celebrated the launch of his new book Dickon Eames: An American Sculptor in France.

    The book illustrates both the life and works of his late father Dickon Eames whose career as a sculptor spans over 25 years. He gives the world an insight into how an artists personal life experiences shape and add an emotional depth to their work through the 300 sculpture his dad left behind.

    Guests enjoyed wine and hors d'oeuvres as they relaxed at the second floor bar in the hotel.

    The book, large, hardcover, and glossy, is a collection of memoir, photographs, and analysis. Written about his “artist in Paris” father, Dickon Eames, Matthew speaks of his late father with pride and awe. “He saw art as a space in time,” he tells me. The point of the book appears to be a celebration of an artist who was prolific in producing strikingly ironic sculptures and geometric sketches. His work was there at the event, curated by Saloman Art Gallery, and all the guests were clearly captivated by it. There to pay their dues to the innovator included Diandra Douglas, Anthony Haden-Guest, and Betty Johnson.