Minnie Mortimer Shows Off Her Latest At Scoop

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · April 9, 2010

    [All photos by Chance Yeh for PMc] Miranda Kerr and Susan Davidson hosted the launch of Minnie Mortimer's latest collection last night at Scoop in Meatpacking. Clad in Mortimer's signature fitted minidresses, guests browsed the line over drinks.

    As always Minnie's showing was a family affair: Topper Mortimer, Tom Mortimer, Peter Davis and her husband Stephen Gaghan all came out to show their support.

    The photographer-turned-designer keeps her classic Hamptons style in check with the collection, with a few modifications that reflect upon her new life on the West Coast.

    Guests included Liam and Patrick McMullan, Brian Atwood and Nina Garcia. Unfortunately, Miranda didn't bring Orly with her...

    Minnie Mortimer, Amanda Hearst, Liam McMullan, Patrick McMullan

    Meredith Ostrum, Tom Mortimer, Brian Atwood

    Eneas Capalbo, Nina Garcia, Graziano Di Boni, Denise Vizcarra, Hayley Bloomingdale

    Peter Davis, Minnie Mortimer, Topper Mortimer, Wayne Warner, John DiNapoli, Dino Giannako, Rene Fris

    Dino Giannako, Aurora Danon, Aeysha Waks, Liam McMullan

    Serena Nikkah, Hayley Bloomingdale, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Stephen Gaghan, Minnie Mortimer