MKG Flipped Our Work Week On Its Ass

by CATHY LEVETT · July 14, 2010

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    Jello shots, slap bracelets and board games is how MKG gets down in their new office in SoHo. If you thought you worked in a cool office, then you haven't seen this one! This is one party that will be hard for me to forget.


    A sleek, modern space complete with a mini movie theater and game room, I mean, umm...conference room. Guests enjoyed grilled cheese cooked with an iron, lots of candy and the biggest soft pretzels you have ever seen! Attendees also entertained themselves in the photo booth and challenged one another to a memorable childhood board game.

    Congratulations on your, frankly incredible new office space, MKG, but do you think your employees will ever want to get ANY work done? And more importantly...can we come hang out?