What Is Anna Wintour Smiling About At Kathryn Bigelow's MoMa Fete?

by Mara Siegler · November 11, 2010

    Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow was honored last night during the Museum of Modern Art’s Film Benefit.  Celebrating the occasion were Jodie FosterAnna Wintour, Ed Norton, Anthony Mackie, performance artist Marina Abramovic, Tony Kushner, and Rupert and Wendi Murdoch.

    Dressed in a blue YSL dress, Kathryn is taller in person than she appears though it may have been due to the fact that Marc Bolan, Hurt Locker scriptwriter, stood attached to her side the entire night with his 5'5-ish frame. Or you know, she could just be tall.

    Anna Wintour arrived with Ed Norton on her arm looking uncharacteristically happy. She said hello and congrats to Kathryn before turning around to pose with Ed for cameras. Not only did she smile, but it was broad enough to show her teeth making one wonder if the actor has pushed out incredibly good looking and talented tennis players to become the new Golden Boy. Fingers crossed for a Fight Club styled Vogue cover.

    Co-chair of the event Jodie Foster, currently making headlines for supporting Mel Gibson as he struggles to not be the world's biggest asshole, walked briskly through the entrance, letting photogs snap just a few pics before heading to her seat upstairs for dinner.

    Guests, who paid a ticket price from $5,000 up to $75,00, were treated to a lux meal of puff pastry wild mushroom ravioli and five-spiced hen. After dinner, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs took over the turntables getting the sea of suits and gowns out of their seats and into the downstairs area for more drinks and dessert.

    Metric got every one's attention when they took to the stage near the Garden to play an acoustic set garnering cheers from the crowd with a slowed down version of 'Help I'm Alive." Front woman Emily Haines, a dead ring for model Amber Valetta, thanked the crowd and the woman of the evening saying 'Thank you to Kathryn Bigelow. I finally got to meet Jodie Foster tonight!"