Neon Gold's Premiere POPSHOP Bash At Tammany Hall Brings The Beats

by Rebecca Brunn · January 10, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Walter R., and tag yourself and your friends.

    Neon Gold kicked off their POPSHOP series at Tammany Hall last Thursday, packing the LES venue with party-goers whose aim it was to "reduce the dancefloor of Tammany Hall to smoldering ash by dawn". Check out the gallery and judge for yourself if they accomplished their goal.

    POPSHOP is a new monthly pop/electronic club night happening every first Thursday of the month. The maiden installment had MNDR headlining, supported by French Horn Rebellion, Brahms, and Xaphoon Jones.

    Attendees were apparently in group-shot mode, ensuring physical evidence that they have friends.

    This girl is a champion, going to a party on crutches. Respect.

    Clawing-girl, on the other hand, might want to rethink her strategy.

    Green sweater guy certainly got around...

    ...while PBR-chugging fans really got into the music.