Literally Everyone Was At NET-A-PORTER's Fashion Week Cocktail Party On Sunday

by Guest of A Guest · September 11, 2023

    When you're greeted by a sea of stylish faces spilling off a stoop and a homemade gelato cart serving up deliciously branded cones, you know you're in for a fun fête.

    In celebration of that little old thing called New York Fashion Week, NET-A-PORTER's Alison Loehnis hosted a designer-filled, muse-packed cocktail soirée at downtown favorite Raf's.

    Absolutely everyone showed up at the Sunday affair to pay their respects - Athena Calderone, Angelica Hicks, Brianna Lance, Jill Kargman, Noot Seear, Tiffany Haddish, Romilly Newman, Brent Neale, Carly Cushnie, Fernando Garcia, Gigi Burris, Jennifer Fisher, Jesse Marlo Lazowski, Jonathan Simkhai, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Monica Paolini, Nina Runsdorf, Roxanne Assoulin, Wes Gordon, Rainey Qualley, Julia Restoin Rotifeld, Leandra Medine Cohen, Zoe Lister-Jones, Coco Bassey, Colin King, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Renata Zandonadi, Pietro Quaglia, Bec Adams, Cecilie Moosgaard.

    God, you think that's a lot but you don't even know how many people I just savagely edited out of this party's press release! And not because they weren't cool, but because really, who has the time?

    Spicy skinny margaritas and violet martinis were the drinks of choice as guests exchanged fashion week schedules, using this party right now as the perfect opportunity to discuss which party they'll next run into each other at. As one does. A vicious conversational cycle it's near impossible to avoid during "the season."

    So, curious to see what you missed?

    Aurora James, Meena Harris, Carly Cushnie, Gigi Burris-O'Hara

    Imran Amed, Wes Gordon, Alison Loehnis, Paul Arnhold

    Becky Malinsky, Alison Loehnis, Jill Kargman

    Tallulah Willis, Rainey Qualley

    Zoe Lister-Jones, Brianna Lance

    Jacquelyn Jablonski

    Julia Brown, Katie Hobbs, Sasha Martin

    Madelynn Furlong, Athena Calderone

    Lesley Vecsler, Leandra Medine Cohen, Marcella Hymowitz

    Jack McCollough, Lazaro Hernandez

    [Photos by Ben Rosser / BFA]