Performa 11 Grand Finale Presents The Malcolm McLaren Award At The Bowery Hotel

by Katherine Bonnin · November 22, 2011

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    Last night Performa 11, a performance arts organization founded by RoseLee Goldberg, held their first ever Malcolm McLaren Award at the Bowery Hotel.

    The grand finale event celebrated the last of 21 days of performances and the close of the Performa 11 visual art biennial. In honor of the young and bold spirit of Malcom McLaren, the award was presented to Ragnar Kjartansson who was found by the panel of judges to have demonstrated the most innovative and thought-provoking performance during the biennial. The $10,000 award was designed by Marc Newson and presented by writer Greil Marcus and musician Lou Reed.

    Guests to the sold-out event were entertained by screenings of McLaren's artwork while they listened to music by Spencer Product and Performa 11 artists Iona Rozeal Brown and Jace Clayton.

    Other guests included Knight Landesman, Young Kim, Ingrid Moe, Todd Bishop, Stefano Tonchi, Elena Soboleva, Richard Mosse, Yasha Wallin, Emily Anderson, Will Cotton, Michael H. Miller, Asli Cavusoglu, Danai Anesiadu, Connie Berg, Ingrid Moe, Geneva Goldsmith, Magda Bitsadze, and Nicki Kalokerinos.

    [Young Kim, Roselee Goldberg, Ragnar Kjartansson, Lou Reed]

    [Ragnar Kjartansson, Iona Rozeal Brown]

    [Knight Landesman, Roselee Goldberg]

    [Ragnar Kjartansson, Greil Marcus]

    [Ingrid Moe, Todd Bishop]

    [Stefano Tonchi]

    [Stefano Tonchi]