Pharrell Hosts NYC Launch Of His New Qream Liqueur

by Mike Vaystub · July 21, 2011

    Last night Pharrell hosted the NYC launch of his new drink, Qream, a sweet liqueur created specifically with the ladies in mind. A week after the LA Launch the NY event brought out Jay-Z, Russel Simmons, Q-Tip, Swizz Beatz, and DJ Khaled, at an amazing venue inside the NY library, but it also had it's downfalls.

    The event was inside a beautiful, historic, and by all accounts, very expensive hall inside the main NY Public Library. Catered to women, the hall was very decorative; with flowers, big plush sofas, and a huge photoshoot area set in front of a bright pink background.

    The liqueur was available in two flavors, strawberry and peach, both of which are very sweet, smooth, and a hue of bright pink or orange. Pharrell has been involved in every step of the creation process of his liqueur, following in the steps of Diddy, who's Ciroc brand is produced by the same company that now makes Qream.

    The major attendees were Jay-Z, Russel Simmons, Q-Tip, Swizz Beatz, and DJ Khaled, along with many other media personalities and models. On the downside, while the imagery inside was beautiful, and party goers were plenty, the party itself lacked content. Pharrell came on stage for a total of five minutes to give a speech about how greatful he was, and then introduced a newly discovered cover band by the name of Karmin. The band clashed with the diva theme for the night as they covered various songs by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and others.

    Toast to Pharrell, who has had many successful business ventures in the past, but he could have made a greater effort to have truly a memorable launch.

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